Weird neuroscience secrets unlock dating secrets for average guys

“How to Be A Stud” Author and Average Joe, Dexter Strong reveals the secrets about women’s brains and behaviours that took him from an average guy struggling to meet women to a dating superstar.

Dexter shows you how to be a stud in simple, join-the-dots easy steps. Dexter’s book reveals neuroscience secrets that have been hidden until now that will allow you to get the unfair advantage in dating.

In How to be A stud you will learn:

  • How to make your dick harder and not blow fast
  • The fashion thing, how do you look?
  • Posture – the way of the stud !
  • Exercise – the body of a stud
  • Charisma – The secret weapon
  • Breaking the ice – What to avoid, and the easy way in
  • How to establish physical contact
  • NEUROSCIENCE: How to chat up a woman without her knowing
  • NEUROSCIENCE: How to read her mind – wow this is awesome!
  • The ONE THING that makes a difference
  • How to smoothly transition her to the next step
  • How to make her cum first – She will want you again

And lots more!


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